by Aly Aboushaca

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Debut mixtape. Stay posted


released May 5, 2014

Mix and Mastered By Nathan Rosario



all rights reserved


Aly Aboushaca Secaucus, New Jersey

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Track Name: Love (Intro)
The truth is shrouded
By our vision
Shirk responsibility
Carefree livin
Double indemnity
Can't say I miss em
I see a pattern
Where you
See indifference
I see injustice
Where you
See a system
And it's so easy
To win a fixed game
And I don't pity those
Put through fame
I pity the set-up
I pity the frame
She don't want me
Nothin's the same
Can't help but play
These mindless games
Don't forget
To be eloquent
Is elegance
But sometimes
Can unfold
Sometimes demons
Can seem heaven sent

(Ro Ro Ro Rodney Mullen x3)

My father told me
Dream big
And he meant it
So I rapped
What I dreamt
And I kept it
Just wanna
Take these hands
And cement them already
I resent them already
So many weak lines
It's so petty
Pedallin all this pedigree
To the dogs because
Mentally they ain't
Ready for me
At my feet
These hotshit niggas bleed
Rivieras deep
I swear I'm goin there
I'm trynna sail
The seven seas
Ridin' in that big body
Delivery spitted
So heavily
Spectators can't
Help but stop
And stare
At their
Step to me
Rip every type
Of rap on the track
Even that hashtag mayne

Ugly mugs
With funny raps
But mundane
Beat ya writtens
From Sunday
To next Monday
Honda no Hyundai
Even better a Merce
Yeah this whip
Got plenty of
Nut space
Call it MTV Cribs
With so many
Hidden kids
From that
Kodak frame
You livid you lame
I pivot my foot
In the game
Bolt through the lane
Like Usain
Kill the insane
Like Hussein
They like "Aly
The fuck is you sayin?"
And I say "The losers
Move along and
The victors shall remain."
Track Name: Rodney Mullen
All their lives they've been stupid
No makin moves; No improvement
Ass glued down; So fuckin useless
Too nice too fluid x4
Ro- ro- ro- Rodney Mullen x2
Rodney Mullen comin thru
And you don't know
What to do kid
Too nice too fluid x6
Ro- ro- ro- Rodney Mullen x2

You like that loud
Just cause it's sour
You don't know shit
Bout that lifestyle
You bout as fucked
As Christy Mack
In the back
Of a BangBus
And if I haven't
Slammed sluts
I guess I got dry nuts
Cause I ain't
Met a girl that
Don't know how
To do it
All you gotta do
Is YouTube it
That ass yeah
That's mass yeah
That's movement
I know you want this
Gotta sign up bitch
Welcome to the
Outter city movement
This shit level 100 stupid
Pushin shit like a
Strugglin college student
You pay to pipe
Some dudes wife
Got a VD
Now that dick useless
I'm just here to have
A good time
If y'all all know what it is
Then lay off mines
I know you fuckers lyin (lion)
Cause you used to be
Snoopin sn- Snoopin
"No Guns Allowed"
But them niggas
Got to shootin
Thought you had it
Now you seen us
You recoupin
Pull up inna hoopdi
Like "Where the fuck
Ya roof kid"
So civilian motherfucker
Don't mess wit the troops kid

No flow debatin
Got my own cadence
On beat off beat
They hate that imma
Make it whether
Or not I become famous
Uppercrust is a Must
And that's where I'll take it
They got soda,
No water
We need a martyr

For this new world order
No nations or borders
Take down your greed,
Hatred, and disdain
In that order
In that arrangement
Life's another word
For containment
Gave out a shot
That nobody's takin
Fuck it guess I'll take it
Shit started out a lapdance
Now we both naked
Killed that pussy harder
Than a double murder
Charge that's 6 degrees (of)
A bucket hat
And dungarees
Now that's a statement
My instinct is to
Eat these rappers
So basic
While keepin it basement
Damn I got em sayin
How can one man
Be so poetic
Yet so blatant
Know what I'm sayin?
Probably not..



My enemies be lookin weary
Ain't superstitious
But my eyes
Are bloody off that Mary
Bloodier than Carrie
Tell her don't
Look so surprised
When you see
What I carry
I pull it once and
Let em bury
Man I feel like
Every dollar I makes
Lookin for some company
Thats when I double up
And I see her sittin
More comfortably
These cover models
Havin lunch wit me
By supper time
I turn the page
And they crushin me
What the fuck is up
With me
Been a G but now
I'm capital
I finna see infite
Capitol from all
This Rapido
The difference between
Our skills is that
Im actual
I take shots like
I'm lookin for
A mac to pull
I be on the water
Like a Lapras
Yo girl up on my mattress
Actin like an actress
Flushin wit this rap shit
Queen of company
Amongst the Atlas
I exhale eggshells
And then I pass it

Track Name: Barrens
Just so happens
On me you been nappin
Got no substance
Only rap ass shit
Not even provocative
I fuckin hate time
But I'll clock you bitch
Don't like salad
Or no dressin
But I'll sock you bitch
Can't even follow this
Amber alert
Got you missin kid
I'm not even spittin
I'm sippin it
I see that roach
You clippin it
See my gun?
I put a clip in it..
Just playin
I don't fuck
With that shit

Made your choice
Now you stuck with
That shit
Goin clubbin
Talkin bout skull crushin
Talkin bout actually
Doin somethin
Trynna figure out
Where these shit
Influences come in
Got to thinkin
It's gotta be
The public
Maybe movies
Made more connections
Than the love did
Maybe too many people
Are blinded
Weak minded
To see the simple truths
That reality
Is hiding

This land is barren
Too many karats
This desert is
My element
Can't take the heat
Then don't bump
This shit x2

All these deep rappers
Can't get a tape together
All these street rappers
Got no subject matter
Everyone's cuttin tethers
Prejudice from within
The game cause we're
Still in the early stages
To me there's no
Conglomerate that
Really made it
Whether it be
MMG or G-Unit
With 50
Im not hatin
Just makin statements
That I believe in
Rap was fulla kings
Now it's subject
To these heathens
You ain't worried
Bout nothin till
You ain't fuckin
You ain't even know it
Kendrick threw spears
Got me heated
See my flavors in
Your girls ears
Don't make me
Repeat it
G on the beat
Like that soil
We the heroes
You the foil
Got the competitions
Blood to boil
Oh Lorde lordy
They'll neve be royals
I'm takin this shit
Whether you like it
Acquire the spoils
Always Kill a snake
With venemous hate
Don't give 'em time to coil
Track Name: 201
Seen her round the way
Said what you doin today
Said what you doin today-ay-ay
She said she listenin to me all day
Asked me about a song
I said girl let it play

(Aly's Verse)

I like how the smoke
Contours to the wind
And the slopes of your skin
Like an atmosphere
Of this world we spinnin in
Trynna tell you I been
Sinnin all day
But my encryption
Won't let you in
Firewalled like Norton
I got trust issues
Security's important
America the beatiful
I love you and
I promise to give
The best of me if
I get the best of you
Hopin this feelins mutual
Gettin after-effect residuals
Ptiful to live like a fool
When we got the
Same damn tools
Life's a school kid
Don't drool on it
Takin it for granted
While you're in it
Yeah, ain't that how it is?
I'm what the new
Generation been feenin
Fresh vibes wit meanin
Ridin out on the beat
Max Pierson beats
That shit's so serene
Find me in the studio
Wit G at this rate
We crazy


Seen her round the way
Said what you doin today
Said what you doin today-ay-ay
She said she listenin to me all day
Asked me about a song
I said girl let it play

(Max's verse)

I don't got love
For all that much
Dough like boy
But I don't ball
That much
Do it for my woman
In the mall and such
She want it so bad
She can't afford that clutch
Want it so bad
Can't afford that car
Scratch my back
And imma toss ya the keys
In the backyard
Where we blossomin trees
Lips on the L
And she fall to her knees
Like, I have got time
For a light headed chick
Deep is the place
With them light headed fish
Rub the lamp
Might get a wish
Don't love a lot
But I love this shit
My accounts proffesional
Counts like PI
Without the decimal
Lit one my eyes are burnin
Got soap; #Tyler Durden

Seen her round the way
Said what you doin today
Said what you doin today-ay-ay
She said she listenin to me all day
Asked me about a song
I said girl let it play

(G's Verse)

Livin it up over everything else
Fill up the cup disregarding my health
Bottle of liquor on top of the shelf
And I'm keepin it all to myself
I'm drinkin until my eyes close
Doin it big fee fi fo fum
Hit me wit anotha bottle o rum
And then we knockin the shots
Back one by one uh
I feel the rythm in my belly
Momentarily that's a hell of a kit
Max P with the 808's
That quake and shake the place
And rape ya face
And you know we're not playin around
We got G and big Aly on the same Track
Take that; straight crack
And I ain't neva been a feen
But I'm mean with the raps
A machine on the track uh

Seen her round the way
Said what you doin today
Said what you doin today-ay-ay
She said she listenin to me all day
Asked me about a song
I said girl let it play
Track Name: Idly By (Interlude)
Shoulda wrote a rap
About weed, hoes,
And money
Cause y'know
How people say
It's funny
But in actuality
Has progressively
Become a staple
And a recipe
In most EMCEE's rhymes
Over typical beats
Typically being made
To be trendy
And happen to
Reflect where we are
In society
But honestly
I'm sick of it
This direction
We're headed in
As a nation
And I'm losin
My patience
Can't sit idly by
While these people
Sit idly by
Literally losin their minds
Like shit!
Look at the time
You've done nothing
With yours and
You can't have none of mine
So what the fuck
Get up
Be someone
Cause you're the only fuckin one
Who's gonna really give a fuck
About what you've gathered up
And applied your whole life
Till the day that you die
What I'm sayin is
Just don't sit idly by
Track Name: 5 AM (Remix)
Gave a fuck once
Smoke weed to put it blunt
What you mean you wanna leave?
I'm all you need you stupid cunt
Lyricist of the month
Trynna hit?
Trynna punt
Odd man out
Fuckin runt
I'll eat you for fuckin brunch
Only the finest dinin
Red winin (whinin)
But nothin to complain about
Knock you into orbit
For that dirty mouth
Ain't funy money
But I'm laughin to the bank
Like Kevin Hart signed
My check blank
L Ride a half of this dank
I'm a tank
Gimme some space
No Bey but (butt)
Girl in HOV lane
Moon some ass
Out the back
Of a white Cadillac
Just a lil wayne (wane)
Can't spit fire?
Fuck you sayin
I know you wanna
Put it out so
Start sprayin
Have the people
Have you slain
Fuckin Saddam Hussein
Bolt through the game
Like Usain (you sane)
Trynna be famous
You lame
Make you die brainless
I call him Malcolm
He my middle man
Call him my son
He my little man
Talk shit run into
Some bull shit
Kill the flow
Like Jermaine though man
Not dupri, J. Cole man
Same attract same
Get it?
Lame attract lames
I lay low like a halo man
Lowkey Barry White
Some Marvin Gay
No Charddonay
Jusy Hennessy
For Tupac's sake
Cause nowadays
Everybody playin
But nobody sayin
Just clear the way
I'm here to stay
Like Peter Pan
In Neverland
But not the ranch
Don't lie to me
Girl I know you
Selfie society
Only worry bout yourself
Well shit don't
Need my help
Drizzy Drake
No Drake Bell
Call out ya daddy
Caught some waves
Like it's swell
Well see wit me
You could never tell
If I'm the type
To go to heaven or hell
But know I don't spit
Only to sell
I do it for the
Memory of Melly Mel
And the Grandmasters
Gotta know where it's from
To see where it's goin after
Childish Gambino Flow
I am not a rapper
Keep em on a need to know
My pace is always faster
Candy paint drippin
That can taint ya character
But now you defined by
The objects shape in the plaster
I represent truth and ideas
You could never kill me bastards
Got bars for days
Pretentious motherfucker
Back to my imperial ways
Wade through the grass blades
In the everglades of
Mileys and Billy Rays
Goal to blow up Michael Bay
Northwest of Kim and Ye
Give a fuck about
Whatta critic gotta say
They break it down
But never create
Fire off the top
Creme Brulee
I cremate your words
And ash em in an ashtray
Scatter remains in the wind
And they forget your name
Rain on em a couple days
Now you washed away
Insecure cause you're who to blame
Actin like ladies
Goin gaga over fame
Never endin debate
Like Trayvon case
And they know I
Knead the dough don't
Need a bakery
Enemies consistency
Is lookin flaky
Go ahead forsake me
I don't need your help
Imma save me
Comin to you live
from the mind of Aly
Track Name: Didn't Know (Back Then)
Cole said it's much
Darker this time now
Molato how?
Nah nigga juss
Playin around
Chillin out wit my boys
Ploppin round town
Trynna develop this sound
I don't like it smoked
I want fire
Wanna burn this whole
Shit down with desire
Yeah I got that passion
A little fashion sense
But who needs clothes girl
Get undressed
Baby 201 on the
Area code but
Still the best dome
Don't get ahead of yourself
Trynna break a sweat?
Yes let's just sex
Gotta keep my mind
On my riches
Distractin ass bitches
Pac spoke real
So sad
Hands on the wheel
Trynna make it out
Alive through these
Waves of sound
We feel

Didn't know back then
That I'd be this man
Sorry I ain't what
You've set out to be

My soul's a bag
And I pour my
Heart out in chips
Feelin feelins through
Through my visual slits
Hearin searin aromas
Through some audible clicks
I'm left blind to the bullshit
Thought I'd be handsome
Put-together; dapper
I'm just some fuckin rapper
Some fucked up disaster
Thought I'd have her
Damn mad insecure
Greed to me
Was a novelty
Now I'm chasin the paper
Waitin around
Trynna hear these sights
And see these sounds
Fuck it though
Know who I am now
Self oriented mind control
To unfold unto my own goals

Didn't know back then
That I'd be this man
Sorry I ain't what
You've set out to be

Hey broham! Where's the rumham?
Haha DeVito Frankie the man
Damn now I'm just
Ramblin like bamalam
Woah black betty
Sam I am just
Makin no sense
Some non sense
Cause this ain't
About a contest about
Who says what in what
Juss trynna flow doe
Havin fun like
We trippin on the road doe
Where to go
Who knows
But for real
It's been real bro
Track Name: Started Out
It started out as a feelin
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into
A quiet thought
Which then turned
Into a quiet word

You smell like
Old memories
Cold as wedding feet
Did I commit a felony?
Cause you been
Givin hell to me
Call another witness
Who knows that you
Fell for me
Never spit a cheesy line
But lovin how you
Melt for me
Like a fire churnin
In the belly of a beast
All I've ever wanted
Was release
The game gave me
A place to infinitely be
The joy of victory
Only secondary
To defeated agony;

What's life after
You have everything
You've ever wanted
That's why I shoot
For the moon
But hope I never
Land on it

They askin "Aly
Where you headed now?"
Pointed at the sky
Let em know
I'm starbound

It started out as a feelin
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into
A quiet thought
Which then turned
Into a quiet word

Created a demand
Damn I'm the man
Implanted in society
What they thought
They never had
Or at least what
They thought they
Could never get
Beg for that supply
To come back again
Tell em I'm droppin
That new shit
Got em askin "when?"
See this was all
Part of my plan
Took that dirty
Gave you that
Music heroine
Get up under ya skin
You'll never get off
That shit like
Mother Superior
Man gotchu all
Train spottin
Watch the movies
Don't ask questions man;

What's life after
You have everything
You've ever wanted
That's why I shoot
For the moon but
Hope I never land on it

They askin "Aly
Where you headed now?"
Pointed at the sky
Let em know
I'm starbound

It started out as a feelin
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into
A quiet thought
Which then turned
Into a quiet word
Track Name: Gregorio
Quit actin tough
Case of where
You're from
Shut the fuck up
I know motherfuckers
From the suburbs
Doin double digit numbers
Not talkin about income herb
Bird is the word
Not talkin Peter
Heard ya girls tight
I would love to MEAT her
Maybe I could teach her
How to follow the leader
Cause you ain't shit
The fucks a main bitch?
Havent cared for a woman
Since I notice they been
Overlookin the best men
Now instead I take em
To the West Inn
I'm the best shit
Since Eminem said
He's the best thing
Since wrestling
I don't do a petty thing
They trynna pick my brain
I don't fuck around
No meddling
But if you peddling
Better hope it's better
Than what my boys
Got on the block
Stayin ahead like wops

Lock me in a room
Gimme a tune
Wrap (rap) myself into a tomb
Justice doesnt die
A life lesson I
Shoulda realized
They got emotion
Down to the motion
Alike, but synthesized
So don't ask why
Do thy puff lye
I'm Trynna get by
Stay down to earth
By smokin herb
At the same time
Not here to
Proliferate fear
Trynna improve
The quality
Of what ya ears hear
Cause a lotta rappers
Sound the same as last year
Am I the only left
Who's bein sincere
And not just sayin shit
For public image
Everyone talkin shit
About Kendrick
Wasn't even mentioned..
Haven't even started baby
I been in my test tube
I never cop out
Sometimes the best do
Even heroes gotta die sometime
Even evil got a good side
Evil Kenievel got em
Thinkin he could fly
Einstein took his dick
And fucked time
I'm here to make em
Rewind every track
About a thousand times
Leave em dependant
On only audible senses
Leave em blind
Track Name: Ya Girl
Pivotal excellence
Measured in
How many heads spinnin
It's gettin tight
Is Superman
Or Lex winnin?
Embodiement of sex drippin
Since I was a youngin
Stainin linens
Now I stay grinnin
While I slay rhythms
Not givin a fuck
About these chumps
Pumped up
Over a fuckin
Shape up
No Jays on
And not reppin Cleveland
But you still Laced up
And losin limbs
Paraplegic amputee for me?
I take her from
The waist up
No need to turn
My bass
I got 8 nuts
Least I still got 7
Shit it's 11
Need you to leave
If you don't wanna
See me face fuck
Type of shit
That when it hits
You need a nip tuck
Titanium rods
And power tools
Just to rearrange
The same old fool
Stagnant like
Recycled water
In the same old pool
But they brain-dead